Ohio Recycling Coalition (ORC) Members are eligible for business development assistance. 

The Ohio Recycling Coalition provides assistance to new recycling, re-manufacturing      re-use, and sustainable startups and established businesses; to include one on one consulting, research  funding sources, and assistance in building your customer base and brand! 

The Ohio Recycling Coalition business platform includes an Education and Community Outreach Component designed to partner with schools, colleges and universities and includes a Careers and Internship Initiative. The overarching goal of this venture is to showcase careers with ORC Members. 

The Ohio Recycling Coalition is a 501 (c) (3) Tax Exempt Non-Profit organization with an overarching goal to provide business resource assistance for new start-up and established recycling, reuse, re-manufacturing and waste minimization focused businesses.


The Ohio Recycling Coalition’s is headquartered at the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center, 565 Metro Place South, Suite 300, Dublin, Ohio 43017. The Dublin Entrepreneurial Center is a beehive of vibrant, energetic community of businesses working synergistically to advance ideas and technologies. 

Mission Statement: To partner with and facilitate activities between and among non-profit organizations, businesses, trade associations, individuals, and government to maintain a prosperous and productive American recycling system that is committed to the conservation of natural resources.




Ohio Recycling Coalition

565 Metro Place South, Suite 300

Dublin, Ohio 43017

Phone: 614. 349. 4400














 The Ohio Recycling Coalition is an Equal Employment Opportunity Organization