Dr.  Robert L. Lawson, President of Dynamic Professionals and a member of the Ohio Recycling Coalition’s Leadership Team, coordinates the Ohio Recycling Coalition’s new “Dr. Robert L. Lawson Pathways To Environmental Leadership Learning Academy and Outreach Program. According to Dr. Lawson, “Pathways To Environmental Leadership applies to individuals presently employed in the sustainable recycling industry and the education community to include; principals, superintendents, boards of education members and others who may have a personal interest in programs designed for students, teachers and community leaders to improve leadership effectiveness and demonstrate the power of professional development.” “One of our overarching goals is to incorporate Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and its relevance to the environment into our Pathways To Environmental Leadership Outreach Program. We plan to offer Pathways To Environmental Leadership through workshops, short courses, seminars and conference presentations."  You may schedule a presentation today or call, email  or text Dr. Lawson for more information.