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                 There's No Such Place As Away


                       Make A Sustainable Difference

Your contribution is earmarked for the production and distribution of our Eco-Documentary. The Ohio Recycling Coalition is a 501c-3 Non Profit Organization and your donation is tax deductible.

                                                     Remade - Repurpose -  Recycle

                                                           Sustaining  Sustainability

An Eco - Documentary featuring Ohio's 52 Solid Waste Districts and Sustainable Businesses located in Ohio and beyond.


The Eco-Documentary is being produced for viewing in 52 Eco-Episodes and distributed to; Ohio Solid Waste Districts, middle schools, high schools, colleges, universities, chambers of commerce chapters, Ohio Public Libraries, local, national and international groups and organizations, Ohio County Commissioners, elected officials, federal and state agencies to include the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, Ohio Department of Development, members of the Ohio Recycling Coalition, the Association of Ohio Recyclers, Ohio Sustainable Business Council, Buckeye  Chapter of SWANA, Ohio Association of Litter Prevention and Recycling Professionals, Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, the National Recycling Coalition, PBS, Television Broadcast Stations and more.