Individual Membership

      $50 Recomended Donation

Government, Colleges, Universities Membership

           $100 Recomended Donation

Business and Non Profit  Membership

       $100 Recomended Donation


 The Ohio Recycling Coalition is dependant on donations and in kind contributions to cover our operating expenses and programs. We honor and respect the individuals, businesses, agencies and organizations who elect to become members of the Ohio Recycling Coalition. To that end we respect and are grateful for your contribution that will serve to help us Touch The Future!

  • In lieu of Membership Fees the Ohio Recycling Coalition suggest making a donation in the amount recomended in one of our three Membership Categories.

  • The Ohio Recycling Coalition offers a consulting service to its members who are seeking economic development and financial assistance.

  • Attend Business After Hours Events hosted by the Ohio Recycling Coalition that allows you to meet with your peers, like minded thinking individuals and potential investors in your business venture.

  • The Ohio Recycling Coalition offers an opportunity to list your business in our Green Business Pages,

  • Discounted Registration to the Ohio Recycling Coalition's Trade, Trends and Exposition Showcase,

  • Unique Networking Opportunities,

  • A fun, environmentally friendly, naturally energized and forward thinking organization.


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