2021 Complimentary Membership

The Ohio Recycling Coalition is pleased to offer 2021 complimentary memberships as a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic. We're in this together and together we can make a positive impact on lives and the environment. Donations in any amount are welcomed but not a requirement to become a 2021 Ohio Recycling Coalition Member.

                     BENEFITS OF MEMBERSHIP

The Ohio Recycling Coalition is dependent on donations and in kind contributions to cover our operating expenses and programs. We honor and respect the individuals, businesses, agencies and organizations who elect to become members of the Ohio Recycling Coalition. To that end we respect and are grateful for your contribution that will serve to help us Touch The Future.  In lieu of Membership Fees the Ohio Recycling Coalition suggest making a donation in any  amount you feel able to donate. Following are some of our ORC Member benefits.

  • By becoming a  member of the Ohio Recycling Coalition you also eligible to become a member of the National Recycling Coalition, America's premiere recycling association.   Go to www.nrcrecycles.org for more information.

  • The Ohio Recycling Coalition offers a consulting service to its members who are seeking economic development and financial assistance.

  • An opportunity to participate in one or more of the ORC's Council; to include the Development Council, Diversity-Equity - Inclusion Council, Communications and Outreach Council.

  • An opportunity to help us plan and implement our pilot Made In Linden NOW bringing back manufacturing to America.

  • Partner with us on the reimagination of Columbus, Ohio's  Easton Fields Eco-Exposition and Soccer Fields Extravaganza.

  • Featured articles of your organizations in the Ohio Recycling Coalition's Sustaining Times Newsletter.

  • A unique opportunity to become a contributing partner  of the ORC's Made In America NOW National Campaign.

  • Access to the nation's number one small business incubator,  the Dublin Entrepreneurial Center (DEC) www.decindublin.com, to include complementary use of the DEC's Board Rooms, Training Room, Networking Room, free Wi-Fi, invitation and access to the prestigious Murifield Golf Tournament and other Dublin, Ohio events and activities.

  • Discount registration fee  for the  annual Transformational Dream Team's annual Professional Development and  Empowerment  Conference.

  • Eligible to become a member of the Elite ORC America 2.0 Strategic Planning Team.

  • Participation in the planned ORC Environmental Leadership Academy 2021/2022.

  • The Ohio Recycling Coalition offers an opportunity to list your business in our Green Business Pages.

  • Become eligible for listing in our Pathways To Environmental Leadership International Digital Booklet. 

  • Discounted Registration to the Ohio Recycling Coalition's Trade, Trends and Exposition Showcase,  April 2022.

  • Establish a partnership with Earth Team Green, a Non Profit  environmental education consulting organization. Adapt one of Earth Team Green's Eco-Heroes  to promote your brand and business.

  • A fun, environmentally friendly, naturally energized and forward thinking organization.

  • Join us on future tours of our members' business facilities, to include Eco-Development, The Leaf Burrito, North Linden, Easton Fields, the DEC and more.